UK Drivers Mobile Phone Law To Change in 2022

The UK Drivers Mobile Phone Law is to change in 2022, the government are to strengthen existing laws that will make it illegal to use a hand held mobile phone when driving under almost any circumstance.

Public Consultation To UK Drivers Mobile Phone Law

Following public consultation 81% of people supported the move, and the Highway Code will change to make it clear that all hand held phone use will be illegal even at traffic lights or in traffic jams by the driver.

Police Get Extra Power To Prosecute Drivers Using Mobile Phones When Driving

British Police to prosecute drivers using mobile phones

Police will have the power to prosecute drivers using a hand held mobile phone when at the wheel, the law right now states it is illegal to text or make a phone call except for an emergency when driving.

As of next year the law will go further to ban drivers from using a phone to take photos or videos, interact with social media, scroll through playlists for music or play games on their phones.

The penalty for using a hand held phone while at the wheel of a vehicle will be a £200 fixed penalty and 6 points on their driving licence.

Can Mobile Phones Be Used Hands Free When New Laws are Implemented?

Drivers will still be able to use a device hands free while driving such as a sat nav so long as it is secured in a cradle. However if the police deem the driver to not be in proper control of their vehicle when driving they can be charged with the offence.

Contactless Phone Payments Made Behind The Drivers Wheel

Contactless phone payment exemption to UK driver mobile phone laws

There will be an exception to the new law for drivers if they have to make contactless payments when their vehicle is stationary such as at road tolls or drive through food places, but motorists will be breaking the law if making online payments when driving.

Stopping at traffic lights or stuck in a traffic jam is still classed as driving even if the vehicle is stationary, so if drivers are caught using their phones in this situation can expect to be prosecuted by the police.

See full Government Reference: Any Use of Hand-Held Mobile Phones

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