Eddie Stobart last minute Rescue

Vital Investment Boost At Eddie Stobart's

Eddie Stobart Last Minute Rescue – The shareholders of Eddie Stobart Logistics have approved a late rescue plan for the truck company, fending off the possible collapse of the haulage Company.

DBay Advisors One of Eddie Stobart’s biggest Shareholders will lend the Company £55m through high-interest bonds and assume control of the Truck hauler.

Eddie Stobart's Avoid Administration

With DBay’s investment Eddie Stobarts will avoid breaking its banking agreements and will not have to face administration.

DBay will increase its stake in Eddie Stobart Logistics to 51% after the 55M Loan, but also charge the company an interest rate of 18% for the loan.

The Unite union says it wants early talks about the company’s future with their members becoming worried about their employment.

Eddie Stobart chief executive Sebastien Desreumaux said:

“The proposed transaction provides Eddie Stobart with the opportunity to move forward and look to deliver sustainable growth and profitability from a stable footing”.

“Our main priority and focus is now continuing to deliver the high levels of services expected by our customers as we move into the busy Christmas period.”

There is relief in the short-term for 6,500 Eddie Stobart staff and many more workers in their supply chain during the run-up to Christmas.

As a former owner, DBay says it is “confident that Eddie Stobart will return to its previous strength”.

Eddie Stobart Hauliers Since The 1970s

The company was originally founded by Eddie Stobart in 1970 before the expansion of the company with trucks driven by his second son Edward.

Over the years Eddie Stobart trucks have become a household name and their fleet of trucks even have their own names.

eddie stobart truck ruby

Eddie Stobart Truck Ruby Emma

Many people give up their time to spot a Stobart truck and make records of the truck’s name and location.

Toy Companies produce collectors models of Stobart Trucks and they can also be seen on other Merchandise.

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