Government Allocate £200million to repair British Roads

The government has announced an allocation of £201million by the Department of Transport to councils to repair British Roads.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced the allocation of an extra £50million for councils to repair potholes and flood prevention, as well as £151million for resurfacing longer stretches of roads.

The department of transport will also fund research into new surface materials and pothole repair techniques to avoid the number of potholes and repairs needed in the past.

Chris Grayling says:

“Every motorist knows that potholes have been a problem in the last few years. That is why the government is continuing to step up its funding to local authorities to address this.” “It is now up to highways authorities to innovate and use new technologies to solve the problem.”

Utility Companies Road Repairs

Importantly the department of transport is consulting with utility companies to guarantee their roadworks for up to 5 years, this is currently is 2 years.

3D Road Repairs

New techniques of road repairs are being tested such as 3D printing for pothole repairs.

Repair British Roads Long Term Funding

It is believed in England and Wales alone nearly £10billion would need to be spent over the next decade to bring all roads back to a satisfactory condition.

The Department of Transport says that the £201million funding would be able to repair more than 1,000 miles of roads, the investment is will come from the £6.6billion that the Government is providing for local road improvements in the six years up to 2021.

Short-term repairs are not cost-effective so this long-term funding should improve the road repair quality to get our roads back to normal.

Damage to vehicles from damaged road surfaces has been on the increase for a number of years and this needs to stop with proper longer-lasting maintenance.

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