Highest paid truck drivers

Highest paid truck drivers British Trucking

The key to getting more salary and better work is demonstrating your skills and reliability.

Make sure that you deliver your goods safely and on-time, and you will increase your salary over time.

Be aware of the several ways to make money in the industry

Regional and local truckers generally get paid by the hour.

As part of these jobs, you will probably be closely involved in the loading and unloading, so know what you can handle physically work to your strengths and choose your career wisely, for example if you are middle aged and not a muscle man/woman you wouldn’t want to be lifting heavy materials all day long.

Regional jobs allow you more time at home with little or no nights out, these jobs generally go to more experienced drivers.

The British HGV job industry has a vast difference when it comes to truck driving salaries so which are the highest paid truck drivers?
The highest paid truck drivers British trucking

Below are some examples of average earning per year by truck drivers across Britain including the haulage industry sector.

Engineering, manufacturing and utilities

Range £26,400 to £37,500 per year

Transport and Logistics

Range £22,500 to £31,800 per year


Range £19,000 to £32,000 per year

Customer Services

Range £25,000 to £32,500 per year

Retail / Wholesale

Range £17,400 to £20,500 per year

Other sectors

Range £25,000 to £31,800 per year

British HGV jobs by vehicles highest paid truck drivers?

Class 1 Drivers

Range £24,500 – £31,800

Class 2 Drivers

Range £24,500 – £29,800

Shunter Drivers

Range £22,800 – £27,400

Regional Differences

Average wage differences vary throughout the country for example a driver doing the same type of job in  Felixtowe is earning £32,900 per year compared to a driver in Ipswich earning only £21,800 so the highest paid truck drivers could also depend on location.

Enhancements to earnings are normally subject to experience and license factors if you have gone through courses such as an ADR (hazchem) or Hi-AB, Moffett, Crane etc you can achieve a greater salary per year.

Training costs companies a lot of money each year so additional licenses will certainly help you achieve a higher salary.

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British trucking article highest paid truck drivers


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