IVECO S WAY – New Top of the Range Truck

Do you want to know about the New Iveco S Way? a truck with advanced connectivity that provides a new and meaningful era to fleet management. The Iveco S Way has been designed with excellent living accommodation for the driver which makes it stand out as being a great option for haulage companies with a right-hand drive option for the UK.

The NEW truck from Iveco with plenty of features that truck drivers will love


Iveco has raised their game with the new S Way introducing many new features including full connectivity with advanced technology.

The truck has been designed around all the truck driver’s needs with amazing onboard styling for living accommodation and technology that makes driving a pleasure.

The exterior of the truck is also a real head turner with its entire new cab design.

The cab has been stylishly designed from the ground up giving better performance and fuel economy.

truck fuel economy Iveco S Way
Up to 4% more fuel efficient

Superb Aerodynamics

The Iveco S Way has been designed to improve airflow after careful study every detail of the airflow has been optimised to increase fuel efficiency.

Premium Driver Comfort

Redesigned Drivers Area

The driver’s area has been redesigned creating more space and superb visibility, each detail has been studied to meet the driver’s needs when driving and sleeping in the Iveco S Way.

Enhanced Truck Connectivity

Efficient Connectivity

The Iveco S Way has full connectivity helping the driver operate easily and efficiently, with support for fleet management optimising vehicle uptime, fuel efficiency and ownership costs.

Iveco S Way Features

2019 Iveco S-Way in Madrid

New Cab Design

The cab of the new S Way has been designed from the ground up that will give many benefits to customers including extra fuel economy with its greatly improved aerodynamics to improved driver safety.

New Bumper Design

The bumper has been redesigned, it is now a multipiece bumper which will give more protection and also save money on repair costs, each section can be replaced instead of having to purchase a full bumper unit. 

Side Skirts

The side skirts have had rubber extensions which greatly improve the efficiency of the truck adding more airflow to the aerodynamics.

LED Headlights

The Iveco S Way has newly designed LED headlights ensuring the driver has incredible visibility at night, also built-in are twilight sensors on the windscreen that will automatically turn on low beams in low light conditions.

Cab Interior

The cab interior is a delight for any truck driver, the cockpit area has been designed to allow the driver much more space and increase driver visibility when driving.

When parked up the cab interior has ample room for a driver to comfortably move around the living area and also has massive capacity storage compartments boasting that the shaped upper shelf has a storage capacity of 250 Ltrs.

The sleeping compartment has a symmetrical layout perfectly designed for a truck driver to get a good night’s rest, also depending on preference the lower bunk offers a choice of a hard or soft mattress.

Iveco S Way Engine Power

The S Way has multiple options with a wide choice of Euro 6 diesel and natural gas options.

The diesel engines range from 330 HP to 570 HP and pack a punch when it comes to power and performance.

The gas versions are cleaner and quieter when in operation.

New Iveco S Way Video Presentation


In conclusion, the new Iveco S Way truck has to be one of Iveco’s best trucks ever launched providing customers with a sleek new aerodynamic design that is fuel-efficient and with full connectivity.

The S Way has been designed with the input of end-users listening to all the key points they required in a truck and then developing the Iveco S Way to meet that criteria.

The driver compartment has been developed to provide truck drivers more room and greater visibility and has all the advanced technology required to make the job of driving a truck happy and enjoyable.

Are you interested in the New Iveco S Way? find out more by Visiting the Iveco Website for more information.

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