Shortage of HGV Drivers forcast

Shortage of HGV Drivers Post Brexit

It is believed that there will be a Shortage of HGV Drivers Post Brexit by a staggering 45,000, Haulage bosses  say the shortage is growing by some 50 a day.

It is believed that a further 20,000 drivers are expected to quit by the end of the year and if new drivers are not brought into the industry the economy could suffer as a result.

Statistics show that the average HGV Driver’s age is 55 and there are not enough younger drivers coming through to replace them.

The Government has been called to act swiftly or road deliveries will be in crisis.

British hauliers currently rely on some 60,000 foreign drivers to keep there trucks rolling and as Brexit gets closer EU Drivers are starting to return home because of exchange rates.

The cost of obtaining a HGV license is as much as £3,000 with training and CPC making it difficult for new drivers to join the industry.

The Government has been asked to ease the problem by funding HGV Driver apprenticeships by 3.5 million pounds which could save the tax payer some 30 million pounds over time.

There is a push to try and get more female HGV Drivers into the industry but it is believed that poor facilities at truck stops is a key factor in putting women off pursuing this career.

British Shortage of HGV Drivers

If the government don’t act now it is believed by 2020 the HGV Driver shortfall will be 150,000 and haulage companies say it will have a large impact on goods being delivered in the UK.

Key factors will determine the shortfall if we continue to have economic growth nationally and internationally there will be an increased demand for HGV drivers to move more goods.

Another issue that needs addressing is the current HGV drivers working conditions such as facilities at truck stops, enough parking for rest breaks and the ever increasing road works are causing HGV  Drivers to look for other careers.

Insurance Companies will need to relax there costs to hauliers for drivers under 25 this is causing many operators not to employ anyone under this age even though they are fully qualified, because of this younger drivers are being put off making this as a career until they reach 25 plus.

Drivers pay is standing still as inflation rises due to the increasing costs on the hauliers which is another reason professional HGV Drivers are leaving the industry.

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