Truckfest North West 2021

British Trucking visited Truckfest North West 2021 at the Cheshire showground Knutsford on Sunday 10th October, we take a look at some of the great trucks and features of the event.

Arrival At Truckfest North West 2021

When we arrived at the Cheshire showground we were impressed by the amount of effort the organizers had put in with clear signs to guide everyone to the show, and helpful marshalls who made it clear and easy to park in a free car parking area close to the truck show.

There were 2 queues available to enter the show, one was for people who paid online and the other for anyone who wanted to pay and get into the truck show.

We didn’t queue for long the payment window was fast and efficient and a payment ticket was issued.

The organizers had also set up an entry hand stamp which allows you to return to your car if necessary and re-enter the event with no issues. 

There was plenty to see as soon as we entered the truck show, the first truck was a Tempelton Scania 450 situated just inside the gate which was lavishly decorated with graphics of Skulls and easy rider motorbikes.

The main arena was gearing up for the Swamp Thing an enormous monster truck driven by Tony Dixon which makes the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. 

Truckfest North West 2021 Truck Show

Truckfest North West 2021 Video

We were pleasantly surprised at the number of trucks that had attended Truckfest North West, we attempted to include every truck in our video footage because the companies and drivers had excelled themselves with an amazing display of trucks.

We hope you like the British Trucking Truckfest North West 2021 Video.

About Truckfest

Truckfest has been the largest truck show since 1983 in the UK organizing shows in many parts of the Country creating a great atmosphere not only for truckers but also for a family day out.

The truck shows include: 

  • Truckfest Peterborough
  • Truckfest North East
  • Truckfest West Midlands
  • Truckfest Scotland
  • Truckfest South East
  • Truckfest South West
  • Truckfest North West
  • Truckfest Original

This truly amazing family event is packed full of fun, they provide the main arena where you see monster trucks and stunt shows, exhilarating rides and entertainment, stalls, and food outlets, plus many amazing trucks old and new in spectacular condition with custom graphics, accessories, and features.

If you would like to take part in a Truckfest show either by entering your trucks or visiting to enjoy a great experience find out more on the Truckfest Website.

Truckfest Exhibitors

Truckfest also offers an amazing opportunity for business, by offering space at the truck shows for exhibitors to market their goods or services, also providing different channels of promotion including, social media, TV, Radio, and roadside banners or posters.

To find out more take a look at the Truckfest Exhibitors and Sponsors page.


In conclusion, British Trucking had an amazing day out at Truckfest North West 2021 and we thoroughly recommend this event to everyone.

There are lots of things to see and do at Truckfest, plenty of trucks, entertainment, rides, and stalls that create a great atmosphere of joy for younger and older visitors.