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vehicle identifier changes for UK truckers

Vehicle Identifier Changes for UK Truckers

As of the 28th September 2021, the national vehicle identifier will change for UK truckers, in this news article, we explain the changes and what that change means for vehicles traveling abroad from the UK.

What is a UK Vehicle Identifier?

A national vehicle identifier is a sticker or emblem clearly marked on a vehicle to show what country that vehicle is operating from, currently, vehicles for the UK display a sticker with the letters GB but this will change on September 28th, 2021.

UK National Vehicle Identifier Changes 28th September 2021

The national vehicle identifier for UK drivers traveling abroad is changing on the 28th September 2021, the change is that all identifiers are changing from “GB” to “UK”.

This change will apply to all vehicles from the UK including HGVs, Coaches, and Vans.

After the 28th of September, a UK sticker will need to be clearly visible on the rear of a truck.

Currently, number plates in the UK have various graphics such as GB, Euro symbol, National flag of England, Scotland, or Wales, but unless the number plate has a Union Jack then a UK sticker must be displayed on the rear of a vehicle.

Note: If traveling to Cyprus, Spain, or Malta, a UK sticker must be displayed no matter what is displayed on the number plate.

If a truck or trailer has a GB sticker on the rear of the vehicle it must be removed or covered up making sure a UK sticker is clearly visible after September 28th, 2021.

vehicle identifier changes for UK truckers example Pair of Road Legal United Kingdom...
Pair of Number plate stickers and UK vinyl oval sticker reflective to comply with vehicles travelling abroad.

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In conclusion, as of the 28th September 2021, it will be necessary for hauliers to display a UK sticker on the rear of their vehicles if travelling abroad, after this date the old GB sticker will not apply abroad, a number plate with a Union Jack on will be sufficient unless travelling to Spain, Cyprus, or Malta, where a UK sticker will be necessary.

For more information about this change read the full Government overview here.

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