Volvo Trucks UK Latest FH Truck

Volvo Trucks UK launched their latest range of trucks promising a new level of driving experience for truck drivers. The latest range of Volvo trucks includes features such as a new driver’s interface, larger cab interior, plus better performance and efficiency.

In this article, we take a look at the Volvo FH and see what Volvo has done.

Volvo FH

The new Volvo FH has had some major changes which should certainly go down well with truck drivers, there are plenty of improvements to the exterior and interior so let’s take a look!

Volvo FH Exterior

Volvo Trucks UK FH

The FH truck’s exterior looks amazing!

The Volvo FH now has a low sleeper cab with added roof protection, it also has a more robust roof hatch.

The truck’s cab is also available in the XXL version for extra comfort on long hauls.

The exterior is also fitted with a passenger corner camera which will monitor areas close to the truck for improved all-round visibility.

The visibility has also been improved by a larger window area and a lower door line.

Mounting and dismounting the cab has also had improvements with an ergonomic footstep design.

Volvo also uses dynamic remote steering enabling you to drive the truck from outside the cab.

The front grill on the new Volvo FH can be colour-coded to match the truck’s paintwork straight from the factory which really does enhance the truck’s appearance.

The FH now has an adaptive LED main beam that will self-adjust to oncoming traffic.

The Volvo FH will also take more weight on its axels with air-suspended axles that have a capacity of 10 tonnes.

Volvo FH Interior

Volvo trucks uk interior FH

The interior of the Volvo FH is spectacular! the image shown is a left-hand drive version but I am sure you get the gist.

The new features to the Volvo FH interior include:

  • Three Trim Levels
  • Digital instrument display
  • A nine-inch side display
  • Optional integrated parking cooler
  • 3 USB ports
  • Traction control panel
  • Ergonomically improved gear lever
  • Adjustable steering wheel with neck tilt
  • Steering wheel controls
  • Lower door line
  • Luxury drivers seat

Volvo FH Chassis

Volvo Trucks UK FH Chassis

The FH chassis has some cool features too! these features will certainly help not only the driver’s experience but haulage companies too, the features include:

  • Connected body for more efficient use of body capacity
  • A lightweight chassis for a higher payload
  • Tyre pressure monitoring to improve tyre wear and fuel consumption
  • Increased steering angles for better manoeuvrability also reducing tyre wear
  • Up to 8 external cameras for maximum visibility
  • Load indicator to keep within the limits
  • Rear camera for precision and safety 


New Volvo FH Video for Volvo Trucks

The latest Volvo FH truck has to be one of the best trucks available more spacious, more efficient, and more driver-friendly to find out more about the Volvo FH visit the Volvo Trucks website

Thank you for reading this article “Volvo Trucks UK Latest FH Truck” I hope you found it interesting, if you drive a Volvo FH truck let us know all about it in the comments below.