British Motorway Services

List of British Motorway services for Truck Drivers

Firstly when driving a truck on distance work in Britain the British motorway services are an important part of a truck driver’s shift, a truck driver by law has to take regular breaks to comply with tachograph regulations, and parking an HGV truck is not always easy.

British Motorway services play a vital role in allowing truck drivers to easily park for short periods or long periods when a driver needs to take a rest break by sleeping in his or her cab.

Some motorway services have facilities dedicated to truckers providing Parking, Meals, toilets, and showers.

Below you will find a list of motorway services named by Motorway or major A Roads this will hopefully help you to find a service area for your truck stops and also information if truck parking is available.

British Motorway services

A1 (M) Motorway Services

Baldock Services A1 (M) junction 10 truck parking yes

Peterborough Services A1 (M) junction 17 truck parking yes

Blyth Services A1 (M) junction 34 truck parking yes

Wetherby Services A1 (M) junction 46 truck parking yes

Scotch Corner Services A1 (M) junction 57 truck parking NO

Durham Services A1 (M) junction 61 truck parking yes

Washington Services A1 (M) junction 64/65 truck parking yes

M1 Motorway Services

London Gateway Services M1 – junction 2 truck parking yes
Toddington Services M1 – junction 11-12 truck parking yes
Newport Pagnell Services M1 – junction 14-15 truck parking yes
Northampton Services M1 – junction 15A truck parking yes
Watford Gap Services M1 – junction 16-17 truck parking yes
Leicester Forest East Services M1 – junction 21-22 truck parking yes
Leicester (Markfield) Services M1 – junction 22 truck parking yes
Donington Park Services M1 – junction 23A truck parking yes
Trowell Services M1 – junction 25-26 truck parking yes
Tibshelf Services M1 – junction 28-29 truck parking yes
Woodall Services M1 – junction 30-31 truck parking yes
Woolley Edge Services M1 – junction 38-39 truck parking yes

M2 Motorway Services

Medway Services M2 – junction 4-5 truck parking yes

M3 Motorway Services

Fleet Services M3 – junction 4A-5 truck parking yes
Winchester Services M3 – junction 8-9 truck parking yes

M4 Motorway Services

Heston Services M4 – junction 2-3 truck parking yes
Reading Services M4 – junction 11-12 truck parking yes
Chieveley Services M4 – junction 13 truck parking yes
Membury Services M4 – junction 14-15 truck parking yes
Leigh Delamere Services M4 – junction 17-18 truck parking yes
Magor Services M4 – junction 23A truck parking yes
Cardiff Gate Services M4 – junction 30 truck parking yes
Cardiff West Services M4 – junction 33 truck parking yes
Sarn Park Services M4 – junction 36 truck parking yes
Swansea West M4 – junction 47 truck parking yes
Pont Abraham Services M4 – junction 49 truck parking yes

M5 Motorway Services

Frankley Services M5 – junction 3-4 truck parking yes
Strensham Services M5 – junction 7-8 truck parking yes
Gloucester Services Northbound M5 – junction 12-11a truck parking yes
Gloucester Services Southbound M5 – junction 11a-12 truck parking yes
Michaelwood Services M5 – junction 13-14 truck parking yes
Gordano Services M5 – junction 19 truck parking yes
Sedgemoor Services Southbound M5 – junction 21-22 truck parking yes
Sedgemoor Services Northbound M5 – junction 21-22 truck parking yes
Bridgwater Services M5 – junction 24 truck parking yes
Taunton Deane Services M5 – junction 25-26 truck parking yes
Tiverton Services M5 – junction 27 truck parking NO
Cullompton Services M5 – junction 28 truck parking yes
Exeter Services M5 – junction 30 truck parking yes

M6 Motorway Services

Corley Services M6 – junction 3-4 truck parking yes
Hilton Park Services M6 – junction 10A-11 truck parking yes
Stafford Services Northbound M6 – junction 14-15 truck parking yes
Stafford Services Southbound M6 – junction 14-15 truck parking yes
Keele Services M6 – junction 15-16 truck parking yes
Sandbach Services M6 – junction 16-17 truck parking yes
Knutsford Services M6 – junction 18-19 truck parking yes
Lymm Services M6 – junction 20 truck parking yes
Charnock Richard Services M6 – junction 27-28 truck parking yes
Lancaster (Forton) Services M6 – junction 32-33 truck parking yes
Burton-in-Kendal Services M6 – junction 35-36 truck parking yes
Killington Lake Services southbound M6 – junction 36-37 truck parking yes
Tebay Services Northbound M6 – junction 38-39 truck parking yes
Tebay Services Southbound M6 – junction 38-39 truck parking yes
J38 Truckstop M6 – junction 38 truck parking yes
Southwaite Services M6 – junction 41-42 truck parking yes
Todhills Rest Area M6 – junction 44-45 truck parking NO

M6 Toll Motorway Services

Norton Canes Services M6 Toll – junction T6-T7 truck parking yes

M8 Motorway Services

Heart of Scotland M8 – junction 4-5 truck parking yes

M9 Motorway Services

Stirling Services M9 – junction 9 truck parking yes

M11 Motorway Services

Birchanger Green Services M11 – junction 8 truck parking yes

M18 Motorway Services

Doncaster North Services M18 – junction 5 truck parking yes

M20 Motorway Services

Maidstone Services M20 – junction 8 truck parking yes
Stop24 Services M20 – junction 11 truck parking yes

M23 Motorway Services

Pease Pottage Services M23 – junction 11 truck parking yes

M25 Motorway Services

Clacket Lane Services M25 – junction 5-6 truck parking yes
Cobham Services M25 – junction 9 – 10 truck parking yes
South Mimms Services M25 – junction 23 truck parking yes
Thurrock Services M25 – junction 30-31 truck parking yes

M27 Motorway Services

Rownhams Services M27 – junction 3-4 truck parking yes

M40 Motorway Services

Beaconsfield Services M40 – junction 2 truck parking yes
Oxford Services M40 – junction 8A truck parking yes
Cherwell Valley Services M40 – junction 10 truck parking yes
Warwick Services Southbound M40 – junction 12-13 truck parking yes
Warwick Services Northbound M40 – junction 12-13 truck parking yes

M42 Motorway Services

Hopwood Park Services M42 – junction 2 truck parking yes
Tamworth Services M42 – junction 10 truck parking yes

M48 Motorway Services

Severn View Services M48 – junction 1 truck parking yes

M54 Motorway Services

Telford Services M54 – junction 4 truck parking yes

M56 Motorway Services

Chester Services M56 – junction 14 truck parking yes

M61 Motorway Services

Rivington Services M61 – junction 6-7 truck parking yes

M62 Motorway Services

Burtonwood Services M62 – junction 8-9 truck parking yes
Birch Services M62 – junction 18-19 truck parking yes
Hartshead Moor Services M62 – junction 25-26 truck parking yes
Ferrybridge Services M62 – junction 33 truck parking yes

M65 Motorway Services

Blackburn with Darwen Services M65 – junction 4 truck parking yes

A74 (M) Motorway Services

Annandale Water Services A74 (M) Junction 16 truck parking yes

M74 Motorway Services

Bothwell Services M74 – junction 4-5 truck parking yes
Hamilton Services M74 – junction 5-6 truck parking yes
Happendon Services M74 – junction 11-12 truck parking yes
Abington Services M74 – junction 13 truck parking yes
Gretna Green Services M74 – junction 21-22 truck parking yes

M90 Motorway Services

Kinross Services M90 – junction 6 truck parking yes

M1 Ireland Motorway Services

Lusk Services M1 – junction 4-5 truck parking yes

Castlebellingham Services M1 – junction 15-16 truck parking yes

M4 Ireland Motorway Services

Enfield Services M4 – junction 9-10 truck parking yes

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