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Dickies Antrim Safety Boots for Truck Drivers

Dickies Antrim Safety Boots

Dickies Antrim Safety Boots

Protective footwear is an essential part of a our attire. However, for some people, it is not an option but a necessity, the dickies Antrim Safety Boots prove to be a great option when it comes to protective footwear.

Many drivers spend their entire day covering long distances on the road or stand all day long as a part of their job.

For working people, having a comfortable pair of safety boots is the best choice. Besides choice, for many working environments like yards, farms, construction sites, you are not allowed to work without these boots. The boots protect your feet from injuries, and they also protect the soles of your foot from any screws, shattered glass, or nails.

Having all these conditions in mind, wearing good quality safety boots is always a wise choice. The right pair of boots not only protect your feet all day long but also provides comfort in walking around.

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Eddie Stobart last minute Rescue

Eddie Stobart Last Minute Rescue

Eddie Stobart Last Minute Rescue – The shareholders of Eddie Stobart Logistics have approved a late rescue plan for the truck company, fending off the possible collapse of the haulage Company.

DBay Advisors One of Eddie Stobarts biggest Shareholders will lend the Company £55m through high-interest bonds and assume control of the Truck haulier.

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Nights Out in a Truck Tramping Essentials

Nights Out in a Truck British Trucking

Truck Driving comes in all shapes and forms but from time to time you may be expected to do nights out in a truck, so what do you need to take to work with you to be prepared for stopping out in your truck, below I have listed some Truck tramping essentials.

Firstly lets look at what the truck itself will provide for you when spending a night in your truck.

sleeping in a truck nights out
Nights Out In a truck can be at a service area or parked up in a lay-by so be prepared
  • Night heater – providing truck drivers with a controllable temperature especially handy during Winter months.
  • Power Supply Ports – 24v/12v power supply points for powering devices and items you may require during your night out.
  • Bunk – A sleeper cab is fitted with a bed area and generally comes with a mattress for comfort.
  • Fridge – Most modern trucks are fitted with a fridge compartment for keeping food fresh
  • Lighting – Interior lighting is essential for nights out and modern trucks even have ambient lighting for your comfort.
  • Radio – The radio/CD Player is a way of entertaining yourself during a night out and also keep updated with news and traffic reports.
  • Curtains – Sleeper cabs are fitted with curtains that pull around the side and front windscreen so you can have privacy within the cab area.
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Best Trucking Companies for New Truck Drivers

Best Trucking Companies for New Truck Drivers

Firstly it always daunting when you first pass your HGV Driving test, you have the license and your ready to start your career as truck driver so which are the best trucking companies for new truck drivers and what should you look out for.

Obtaining your HGV license has been grueling but you did it and are now able to look for a job driving a truck, but as with any career you find yourself in a difficult position.

Plenty of job adverts to apply for but they all say minimum of 12 months experience or in some cases longer than that, so how do you get experience to be able to apply?

There are a number of ways which you can gain driving experience and I will list some of them below.

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How to Fix Truck Sat Nav to Dashboard

How to Fix Truck Sat Nav to Dashboard

Firstly a truck sat nav is an essential device for modern day trucking, used in conjunction with a map and route planning it can aid the driver to navigate to a destination safely, a sat nav comes with a windscreen mount so why would you need to now how to fix your truck sat nav to the dashboard?

Recently the DVSA have had a surge on items obstructing your view by means of windscreen mounted devices, Truck sat navs can be as large as 9 inches wide so it is understandable that the DVSA are concerned that filling your windscreen with items such as a Sat Nav, Dash Cam, Phone Holder, Drinks Holder could easily be a recipe for disaster.

Fixing a truck sat Nav to your dashboard can be a very straight-forward thing to achieve and there are some great products available to help you do this.

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10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers

Best Dash Cam for Truckers British Trucking

British Trucking Top Pick

APEMAN Mini Dash Cam 1080P Full HD

We have given the Apeman Mini Dash cam our Best Dash Cam for Truckers top rating as it is a quality affordable dash camera, simple to use easy to install and does not take up valuable space in the windscreen of your truck.

Dash Cams have become an important accessory for vehicles on the roads of Britain and truck drivers are no exception, not only will a dash cam give you piece of mind if an incident occurs, it can also protect your vehicle and contents by deterring thieves or vandals when parked unattended.

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Truckfest North West

British Trucking Truckfest North West

Firstly Truckfest North West is part of one of the largest series of truck show events in Europe, The event offers access to the whole truck and road haulage industry including owner drivers and operators including some of the largest fleets in the United Kingdom.

The truckfest Northwest event was held on the Cheshire Showground at Knutsford with a massive turnout of trucks.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit the North West Truckfest event and enjoyed every part of the days entertainment, and was amazed at the dedication and attention to detail by all the drivers and operators displaying there vehicles.

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Next Generation Digital Tachographs

Next Generation Digital Tachographs

The next generation of digital tachographs arrived on 15th June, as with all new compliance-led technologies, suspicions was aroused and assumptions were made about what technologies had been added to the new style tachograph.

Prior to the launch, information on the technology being embedded into the new tachograph has been unclear and this, combined with headlines regarding roadside enforcement, has led to misconceptions being formed and spread within the trucking community.

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Daily Walk Around Checks on a HGV

Daily walk around checks on a HGV

Firstly performing daily walk around checks on a HGV Truck is an important part of any truck drivers working day ensuring the vehicle is safe to take out onto the road and that your load is secure and will not move in transit.

Recently I completed a CPC Course as part of my 35 hrs which has to be completed over a 5 year period, on the CPC Course we found out that things are going to change dramatically with regards to the daily vehicle checks.

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