Scania Hybrid Trucks Carbon dioxide reduced by 92%

Scania Hybrid Trucks

Scania Hybrid Trucks – Scania is disclosing a plug-in hybrid electric truck (PHEV) based on the new truck generation.

The PHEV and its sibling hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) truck can use Scania Zone to facilitate seamless compliance with emissions and speed regulations in certain zones.

The new Scania hybrid trucks are powered by Scania’s DC09, an inline five-cylinder engine that can run on HVO ( hydro treated vegetable oil) or diesel, working in parallel with an electric machine generating 130 kW (177 hp) of power and 1,050 Nm.

The lithium-ion rechargeable battery’s energy window is set to 7.4 kWh to secure a long battery life.

The trucks can be driven in fully electric mode without any support from the combustion engine, thanks to electric auxiliaries for steering and brake air supply.

Benefits of Scania Hybrid Trucks

  • CO2 reductions of up to 92 percent
  • Runs 10 km with zero tailpipe emissions
  • Fuel savings of up to 15 percent expected, can run on HVO
  • Scania Zone facilitates sustainable operation in sensitive areas
  • 7.4 kWh to secure a long battery life
  • can be driven in full electric mode

Maria Johansson Product Director, Urban, Scania Trucks Says:

“We at Scania continue on our eMobility pathway with a ‘here and now’ approach, offering solutions that have the necessary capabilities in place for supporting urban customers in a sustainable way from day one. We will first introduce a HEV version, and a PHEV will follow next year. Scania customers get a solution with reliable hardware, regenerative charging, no range anxiety, zero tailpipe emissions and without compromising their total operating economy.”

Engine options available with the Scania Hybrid

The truck can be ordered with any DC09 engine, with 280, 320 or 360 hp.

Scania Hybrid Trucks handling weights of 18 tonnes and above!

Scania’s HEV can be ordered from November 2018, the PHEV will follow in 2019.

What is new about this hybrid truck generation?

Scania have included a new power boost option in these trucks, for instance. If the driver does a kick-down, the electric machine will offer a power boost of 50 kW or some 250 Nm, provided that the battery is sufficiently charged.

If the driver chooses Performance mode, an extra boost of 20 kW or 150 Nm is always added during acceleration even if the kick-down function is not engaged.

Scania hybrids will automatically boost the available torque in many situations to avoid the need for downshifts , which of course increases the fuel-saving potential.

They will in general use quite different gear-shifting strategies compared with conventional trucks.

The typical starting gear is 5 or 6, thanks to the massive torque that is readily available from the electric machine.

When braking or reducing the speed of a vehicle, down-shifts are avoided to maximise power regeneration.

The electric PTO, how is it useful?

In order to utilise the truck’s full potential, urban truck solutions like these need to have a full set of capabilities, like an electric mode functionality that ensures that the truck remains silent and the possibility to operate bodybuilding features like a crane without creating a disturbing noise.

Scania has also provided the hybrids with electric power steering and an electric brake compressor, which means they can run in a truly electric mode without having to put the ICE on idle for brake air supply, for instance.

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