Truck Driver Covid Test Requirement Before Crossing Into France

The Ministry of Transport has set out its guidelines with regards to the truck driver covid test requirement before transporting goods to France from Dover or Eurotunnel.

French Border Covid Test Requirements

A letter was written by Rachel Maclean the undersecretary of State for Transport states following the review on 6 January of the requirement for a negative Covid test to cross into France, the French Government has concluded that this requirement remains necessary.

Discussions are continuing with the French government to determine future arrangements for testing hauliers looking to cross the Channel.

Until these discussions conclude, the current arrangement will remain in place and as such, we need to consider that it will be a requirement at the border for the foreseeable future.

Covid Test Required

Truck drivers need to have a Covid Test at least 72 hours before departing to France, Testing is being carried out free of charge but it is advised that truck drivers and their crew have a test before traveling to Kent.

Drivers who have been tested and have a valid Kent Access Permit will be fast-tracked if using Dover or Eurotunnel for departure.

Testing will be available at Manston Airport and Ashford Sevington in Kent, but there would be a chance of severe delays, so if you can be tested in advance it will save you a great deal of time.

What Happens If Truck Drivers Enter Kent With No Covid Test?

Truck Drivers who enter Kent traveling to France without a prior 72 hour negative Covid Test, will be directed to the Sevington Inland border facility, here you will be required to remain with your vehicle.

You will be tested for Covid-19 at Sevington and the results should be available in approx 40 minutes.

Once you have a negative result you will then be directed to your departure point.

Kent Access Permit

HGV drivers must have the correct documentation, including Kent Access Permits, before arriving in Kent to ensure they can cross the Channel.

Vehicles Carrying Hazerdous Goods

Drivers of HGVs carrying certain types of dangerous goods must get tested for COVID-19 before arriving in Kent.

The terms of use at Manston Airport and Ashford Sevington prohibit the following loads:

  • explosives
  • polymerizing substances
  • infectious substances
  • radioactive substances
  • goods that are a high consequence from a terrorism point of view

Drivers of HGVs carrying any of these goods will be refused access to these sites and must get tested for COVID-19 at alternative sites before arriving in Kent.

Be Prepared

Making sure you comply with all the requirements before starting your journey to France will save you time and hassle when entering Kent.

Some companies are also providing private testing for their drivers. Check with your company if this is being offered.

Truck Drivers should also check @KentHighways and Highways England for the latest traffic updates before traveling to Kent.

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