Truck Drivers No Facilities Coronavirus

Basics Facilities A Truck Driver Needs

Firstly truck driving is a great job for the majority of the time but having said that, during the Coronavirus Pandemic that has swept across the World, Truck Drivers have found themselves in desperate need of basic facilities.

Many of the truck stops have closed for business, just at a time when trucks are delivering on a large scale to supply the NHS, Food Stores and Essential goods needed during this Coronavirus period.

Basic Facilities a Truck Driver Needs

  • Parking for Rest Periods
  • Food and Drink
  • Toilets
  • Shower and Wash Area

The list is small but essential for any truck driver on the roads of Britain, Parking during the pandemic is not an issue as the Country is in Lock Down, so with few cars on the roads there is ample parking.

Food and drink can be an issue if a truck driver is on nights out during the working week, Carrying food and drink in the truck is not a problem, but in most cases a driver would need to get some supplies to keep him or her going for a whole week.

Toilets are essential to a lorry driver, without this basic facility it can cause embarrassment and panic if there is nowhere to go.

Showers and wash areas are also essential for a truck driver, driving a truck all day loading and unloading can be hot and sweaty, so being able to shower and wash is important for a drivers well being.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has highlighted that without these facilities, drivers are faced with a real problem! during this time washing hands is very important to stop the virus spreading so general cleanliness is more important than ever.

Truckers who are keeping the country going are really being treated poorly with these essential facilities being closed.

Portable Toilet Solutions for Truck Drivers

Although not perfect a truck driver would prefer to have the option to use a toilet, than no option at all!

Below I have listed some cool products that could be used by a driver desperate to use a toilet in privacy when no public toilets are available.

With this in mind I have found a few solutions that may be of benefit to truck drivers delivering goods in these dreadful times.

Pop up Toilet Tent

Portable Pop Up Toilet Shower Tent

Last update on 2024-06-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A pop up portable toilet tent can be easily stored within a truck allowing a truck driver to have the option of going to the toilet in privacy.

This pop up toilet tent can quickly be erected for a portable toilet like the ones below, convenient to use and will also fold up small to place back into the truck.

Also a pop up tent can be used to take a basic shower by using a portable shower unit like the one detailed below.

Portable Toilets

A portable toilet is not so easy to store in a truck cab, but if the truck has an outside storage box it would be possible to store it there.

Space Saving Portable Showers

Portable Shower

Last update on 2024-06-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Portable showers are used for camping but make a great shower unit for truck drivers who cannot access any shower facilities, the water bag on this type of portable shower will heat the water in direct sunlight for a more comfortable shower.


The conclusion I have made to this problem of truck drivers having no facilities during the Coronavirus, simply determine that lessons need to be learned by government and truck services to make sure this problem doesn’t occur in the future.

Truck drivers have already proven that when a crisis occurs, they are prepared to step up to the mark and supply the Country with essential goods.

It is possible to carry portable toilets and a shower unit in a truck but is not the desired solution for most truck drivers.

I hope you found this article “Truck Drivers No Facilities Coronavirus” useful I would love to hear your opinions please leave a comment below.