Lorry Driver Robbed at Gunpoint

A lorry driver has been robbed at gunpoint whilst parked up in a lay-by off the A12 in Witham Essex

This happened on Monday evening (April 23) around 11.30pm on the southbound side of the dual carriageway.

Two men dressed in dark clothing with their faces covered, approached a lorry which was parked near to Little Braxted Lane, Rivenhall Essex.

A12 Rivenhall Essex

Statement by Essex Police

Essex Police said: “One of the men, who was described by the victim as being around 5ft 6ins in his early to mid-30s, threatened the lorry driver with what was believed to be a firearm, whilst the second man broke into the vehicles trailer.”

“No one was injured during the incident and investigations are ongoing into whether anything was stolen. ”

Officers are appealing to anyone who was driving in the area at the time and has dashcam footage.

If you have any information regarding this crime please contact Essex Police

Information can also be passed anonymously to Crimestoppers by telephoning 0800 555 111

British Trucking info Find safe parking

Britain’s roads are never a safe place at night with areas of the Country rife in crime, you may be a driver that lives in a quiet part of Britain and not used to other areas when parking up for the night.

Always remain vigilant keep your cab doors locked if you have to park in a layby, try to park up where there are other trucks already parked try to avoid being alone in a layby as you will be a target for criminals.

Make sure your phone is always charged in case you need to dial for assistance.

Try to find a parking area that is lit up with street lighting.

If possible park in a motorway services where there will be plenty of other people around, although the cost of parking is going up all the time making it very expensive to park safely.

If you hear voices and you feel unsafe phone 999 and report an emergency, you could also blow your horn repetitively like an alarm this may startle any intruders into leaving.

If possible move your vehicle and yourself from harms way Tacho laws are designed to protect you and I am sure you will not be penalised for protecting yourself in the event of possible theft or attack.

If you do move your vehicle to a safe place report the incident to the Police as they may try doing the same to another lorry driver and this will make the Police be aware of possible intent to steal or worse.

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Lorry Driver Robbed at Gunpoint